‘Adèle’ by Leïla Slimani


Another book teaming with my ‘Femme Fatale’ theme this month! This book was highly anticipated after the success of Slimani’s novel ‘Lullaby’. The theme of all of Slimani’s novels is sex but not the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey/Borderline Pornography’ sex but rather is tasteful. ‘Adèle’ emphasises a women’s control (or lack there of) when exploring their sexuality and desires.

This story follows Adèle, a woman living in Paris, who appears to have the perfect life- a surgeon successful husband, a beautiful son and a ever-rising career in journalism. However, Adèle is plagued with an insatiable desire for risk and sex in order to combat boredom. Surprise, surprise when her string of affairs start to come crashing down Adèle’s world crumbles.

The story started off very thin and difficult to get into, however, the slow burn of the character development  makes for a satisfying climax of the story.

I’m very interested in reading Slimani’s first novel ‘Dans le Jardin de l’ogre’ which tells the story of a woman who loses control of her life due to her sexual addiction.

Feelings bold and want something a little risque? Give this a go!

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