‘The sustainable(ish) living guide- everything you need to know to make small changes that make a big difference’ By Jen Gale

A fantastic, practical guide workbook for those interested in living a sustainable life but not entirely sure where to start, other than taking their reusable coffee cups to the local cafe.

This book was written by Jen Gale, a working mother of two, who in 2012 committed to buying nothing new for her and her family for one year. Since then, Gale has become a podcaster and author about sustainable living for busy families.

I’ve found this a great stepping stone book into the world of environmentalism. It’s set up, essentially as a workbook (with tables, check-lists and further recommended sources). This book is designed to be dog-eared, highlighted, written-in and used to the point of destroy!

To make things simple it’s split into a range of interest points such as: plastic free(ish), sustainable(ish) transport and travel and activism(ish).

I think the line that adequately describes this book is ‘change your impact, without radically changing your life’. I think for the wide majority of people, their interest in sustainability and environmentalism comes with a fear of the unknown and fear of change. What I liked about this book is that it removed the pressure and guilty of the way we live and inspires changes without compromising the integrity of the message at heart- 2020 is the year of sustainable living.

I brought this book to work a few times to gauge other people’s feelings and the overall reaction was the same, no matter who it was, people are incredibly intrigued by how-to guides and like step-by-step instructions so I reckon this one will be a major seller.

What do you think? Have you read many books on sustainability and agree?

Vanessa x

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