‘When life gives you lululemons’ by Lauren Weisberger

A slow starter, worth the read!

The next instalment in the ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ series, following the world of Emily Charlton after her time at Runway.

Emily Charlton is a successful stylist and image consultant for Hollywood stars but with the rise of young millennial social media moguls, her clients are dwindling fast. To save her image, Emily relocates to the upmarket suburba Greenwich to help the reputation of model Karolina Hartwell, who has been publicly dumped by her husband Graham, a senator with presidential ambitions. All with the help of Emily’s oldest friend Miriam.

While I found this book a great, light read with a few good laughs, it’s definitely not one for the ages. The character development needed some work and the timeline didn’t seem to make sense. However, it’s a fun story that continues on from ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ seamlessly.

In these critical times, where we all need to play our part in protecting each other, I’m using this time to go through my bookshelf and read some books I normally wouldn’t.

I think out of all of Weisberger’s novels ‘Chasing Harry Winston’ was my favourite- what about you guys?


Vanessa x

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