‘House of Trelawney’ by Hannah Rothschild

A brand new book by Hannah Rothschild, who’s previous book ‘The Improbability of Love’ was a best-seller and one I reviewed a few years ago!

This book is a dazzling comedy about old money, new money and no money at all. Set in Trelawney Castle, once a jewel of the Cornish coast, it’s a satire combining the world’s of British aristocracy and high finance.

I’ve just started this book but so far I’m loving it. Essentially, it’s about the rundown Trelawney Castle, with the Trelawney family living an isolated existence and running out of options (how relevant at this moment in our world’s history!) Three events will hasten the demise of the castle; the arrive of a new and illegitimate relation an unscrupulous American determined to seek revenge and the 2008 financial crash.

The book is perfect for Downtown Abbey lovers, people who like to see behind the curtains of these beautiful estates and who can’t get enough of the British aristocracy.

It’s a classic story of a dysfunctional family- filled with complex characters and witty dialogue.

More to come with this review and look out for my Podcast radio review of it to come!


Vanessa x

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