Sunday Special- Book Market

I’m currently on a mission. To find a first edition ‘Mrs Dalloway’ by Virginia Woolfe 🌹

Haters will say it can’t be done….’they’re too rare!’, ‘they’re worth a fortune!’, ‘no one would get rid of it!’ But I’m the optismistic sort and I live in hope 🍄

What this means is that I’ve taken a extra interest in secondhand bookstores, book bins and book markets! Yesterday there was a massive charity book market at the local school and though I didn’t find ‘Mrs Dalloway’ I did pick up some other goodies and started reading them over coffee- all is right in my life it seems 😇

What’s the best thing you’ve picked up second hand?



READING CHALLENGE! Is it good, great or classic?

I’m very excited to announce my first reading challenge! Earlier this year I saw this book ‘A-Z Great Modern Writers’ compiled by Caroline Taggart and planned to give it as a graduation present. The truth is though, after looking through this book, I loved it so much that I kept it for myself (like I really needed an excuse to walk back into the bookstore and find another present (: )

This is a book is has 52 authors, these are authors who have written works considered to be stand outs, game changers, books that change the way we think. They’re also accompanied by simple bios, recommended reading and note-worthy illustrations by artist Andy Tuohy.

After looking through the list, it made me think about what makes a great writer, or simply a great book? Do our definitions change depending on what we’ve experienced, we we’ve read in the past, where we grew up? For me, I was curious if I read something that is considered good, would I agree?

In order to answer these questions I’ve decided to embark on a mammoth challenge. I’ve decided to read a piece of work from each of the authors mentioned. Some I’ve already read and others I had never heard of before. It will take me some time and sometimes won’t seem worth it  but I’m excited to experience some new and exceptional writing.

Wish me luck (:



SPECIAL EDITION! What I’m Listening To- May Edition

When I was 16, I went through a Beatles phase…didn’t we all (sigh*) and I still love them. On road trips I ALWAYS take three or four albums to listen to- CDs aren’t dead! They’re just an advanced to a luxury item (:

In celebration of the 50th Anniversary release of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (my FAVOURITE album and arguably The Beatles best) I’ve pulled out all my Beatlemania books and DVDs. The piece de resistance is the Sgt. Pepper’s record my boyfriend gave me for our anniversary in Tokyo (:

Happy 50th Sgt.